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New company. New name

Sodexo becomes Serwiz

The Danish divison of Sodexo parts ways with the French mother company. We’ll be 100 % Danish owned - and we want to set our mark on a changing industry.

We’ve been given a unique opportunity. After 25 years in Denmark, Sodexo has decided to focus on other markets – allowing four members of the management team to buy the Danish activities with 600 skilled employees. Our name is now Serwiz and we aim to redefine facility management through transparancy, innovation and sustainability.

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The management group

Chrstian Lunner (CEO), Bo Terp (District Manager), Louise Feldt (CCO), Janne Funder Jensen (QHSE Manager), John Mortensen (District Manager), Ulrika Øksenholt (CFO), Jacob Helle (District Manager) and Kristine Weng Thorvildsen (CHRO)

Stronger together

A client isn’t just a client

Every business is different and so is their faciliy management needs. We take pride in getting to know our customers’ business and in working together to create solutions that suit their unique position and requirements.

Our customers are our partners. We are committed to honesty, reliability and flexibility, and we have a close and ongoing dialogue with our customers to ensure that our services are uniquely tailored while being cost-efficient.

Christian Lunner: CEO +45 40 11 49 00
Louise Feldt: CCO +45 29 66 49 46
Ulrika Øksenholt: CFO +45 20 46 01 40
Kristine Weng Thorvildsen: CHRO +45 30 99 63 85
Bo Terp: District Manager East +45 21 38 46 25
John Mortensen: District Manager West +45 61 22 39 44
Jacob Helle: District Manager Kastrup +45 21 28 06 51
Janne Funder Jensen: QHSE Manager +45 21 25 48 44

Who we are

Facility management is not just that

We are experts when it comes to quality cantine- and cleaning solutions. But it takes more to create a perfect working place for our customers. And that’s what we do.

Christian Lunner: CEO Who is Serwiz?
Louise Feldt: CCO Innovation and sustainability
John Mortensen: District Manager West At the customer
Kristine Weng: CHRO Employees
Ulrika Øksenholt: CFO Finans


Learn more about our new adventure

Business as usual. With an ambition to do more.

When will Sodexo become Serwiz?

Our acquisition of the Danish division of Sodexo goes into effect April 1st 2021. From this day forward, we’re Serwiz, and we can’t wait to get started.

Who owns Serwiz?

The owners of Serwiz are CEO Christian Lunner, HR director Kristine Weng Thorvildsen, CFO Ulrika Øksenholt and Director of Sales and Business Development Louise Feldt. They have all been part of Sodexo and have many years of experience from the Facility Management industry.

I am a customer - who will be my new contact person?

If you are currently a customer of the Danish branch of Sodexo, nothing really changes. Now we are called Serwiz, but all employees and account managers remain the same.