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    For us, a successful partnership is built on mutual trust between supplier and client.

    With an open and transparent approach, it is crucial that we understand and have the courage to challenge each other. When the partnership is successful, our employees provide a high level of service and thereby support the business of our clients.

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    Sustainability is a core value within SERWIZ. It is an integral part of the way we work, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) serve as our framework.


    Amongst many other actions we work with structured methods to reduce food waste and to lower the amount of meat in our canteens. Our cleaning products are as a standard eco-labelled and always biodegradable.

    We collaborate with our clients to find the best way to support their overall environmental goals, prioritise the actions and measure the impact on climate, environmental footprint, energy emissions, waste, etc.


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    It is vital to us that our employees have proper working conditions and thrive in their daily work on site.

    Our employees are our most important resource. They need to be able to focus on the core business at our client, and when they are thriving, it enhances the quality of the service they deliver. They need to last for many years. That’s why we take good care of them.

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    We use data to reduce waste, keep a focus on sustainability, and act to keep delivery on track.

    Data is also the basis for all our innovation, so we’re guided by insights rather than gut feelings.

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    We base our innovation upon data. By collecting, analysing, and applying data, we can make the right decisions and reach the goals we set together with our clients. By constantly developing our concepts, such as our canteens, we encourage our clients and their employees to make healthy food choices.

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We challenge ourselves, each other, and our clients with a focus on understanding and insights. The more openness and transparency we can create in collaboration with you, the better the output.

Louise Feldt: CCO Innovation and Sustainability
John Mortensen: Soft FM Jutland/Funen On-Site
Kristine Weng Thorvildsen: CHRO Our Employees
Christian Lunner: CEO Who are we?
Ulrika Øksenholt: Finance Contract Finances

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