At SERWIZ we empower people

The majority of our employees work on a permanent basis on site. This is why every single individual employed by SERWIZ is important to us as an organisation. Employees are our professional faces and an essential part of our brand.

Whether it is in cleaning, canteen & catering, airport services, facility management, or administration & management, we take care of each individual so that they are in the best position to do what they do best.

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What do we mean when we say we take care of people, who takes care of business?

Our employees are without a doubt our driving forces.

Our business is built around our employees. Without them, we would not be able to deliver our services and maintain our commitments. It’s therefore vital that we look after our employees properly and provide them with the best conditions to deliver a quality product.


So, when we say, “We take care of people, who take care of business”, we mean that by taking proper care of our own employees for them to perform at their best, we also take care of our client’s employees.

Kristine Weng Thorvildsen: CHRO Our Employees

Join an inspiring and motivating workplace

Everyone - as in each and every one of our employees - is essential to delivering a great product to our clients.

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