• Cleaning

    Our cleaning services range from demand- and programme-driven cleaning of offices, production, wet rooms, clinical cleaning and facade cleaning to internal waste handling, window cleaning, carpet, and linen service as well as plant service.

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  • Canteen & Catering

    We provide all services related to canteen management, cafe solutions, take away for your employees, catering, and meeting services - all tailored to your wishes.

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  • Airport Services

    Our cleaning is optimised and efficient, based on many years of experience in handling cleaning of aircrafts. Based on thorough planning and coordination, we make sure that all aircrafts are clean and prepped on time.

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  • Reception & Community Management

    Our highly service-minded employees handle all guest registration, booking of conference rooms, concierge and host services, as well as internal mail distribution and goods handling.

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  • In-house Services

    Our services include essential hands-on tasks to maintain buildings in operational condition, including postal and scanning services, janitorial services, light building maintenance and repairs, as well as office supplies and internal relocations.

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  • Outdoor Maintenances

    We care for and maintain your outdoor areas - keeping your outdoor spaces clean, taking care of green zones, dealing with grey areas, removing snow, and preventing slippery conditions.

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  • Security & Safety

    Our well-trained and certified staff handles tasks such as guard rounds, critical alarm dispatching and escorting visitors. In addition, they handle fully automated solutions such as surveillance, access control, alarm system operation and protection against intrusion.

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  • Building Technology

    We take care of remedial, preventive, and minor restorative maintenance of building services installations such as HVAC, elevators, UPS, generators, extraction, etc.

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  • Building Maintenance

    o Leave the maintenance of your properties to us. We take care of remedial, preventive and restorative maintenance, electrical work, plumbing, carpentry, graffiti removal and painting - both inside and out.

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